Are Smart Speakers the next must have for Canadian connected consumers?

Are Smart Speakers the next must have for Canadian connected consumers?

March 5, 20182 min read

With Smart Speakers all the rage, connected adds-ons, extras and accessories are the logical next step in building a meaningful smart home. After all, what’s the point of an expensive smart speaker with an assistant built into it if it can’t do more than help you search for a song?

Smart Speakers seem to be the trending topic for most smart homes – Google and Amazon have already established their presence in the market. Sonos and JBL aren’t far behind and are now offering their alternatives; with heavyweight, Apple standing on the sidelines waiting to enter the arena. However, with home assistants still building out interconnectivities with partnering brands, does the current ecosystem of partners limit the market’s potential to grow or does it open the flood gates for more supported devices to come? How influential will the ecosystem of supported devices be in smart device adoption? Do partnering device manufacturer’s care which home assistant is used to control their device or just that smart home devices market continues to grow?

As smart-homes devices continue to proliferate and home assistants become more commonplace, competition will be fierce and it will be interesting to see who prevails. IDC launches a new Worldwide Smart Home Device Tracker this week sizing up the shipment market of such connected devices as consumers continue to build the smart home of their dreams today!

Manish Nargas is a research analyst specializing in consumer and mobile research. He is an expert in emerging consumer technologies with a focus on usage trends and adoption. Simply click on Manish’s icon to arrange an interview.


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