The Infiltration of Hate

The Infiltration of Hate

March 9, 20181 min read

Why are so many surprised? Yes, her actions are on the extreme side, but her espoused racist ideology is not unfamiliar to public education. Today, the Department of Education states that public schools across the country are composed vastly with White teachers. On the other hand, schools have become more diverse with increasing numbers of Black and Latino students. But what’s most troubling is not the race of teachers, but the ideologies they adopt toward their students of color. The idea postulated for eons that all teachers believe all students are capable is simply a fallacy. Research has shown that White teachers have less expectation for Black academic potential. In fact, it has been shown that White teachers have preconceived negative racialized stereotypes of children as young as preschool.

Therefore, it is not out of this world expectation in regard to understanding the ramification. For example, it has been found that when Black students have White teachers, the teachers see them as more disruptive than their Black colleagues. But Black teachers perception of White and Latino perceptions is seen as unaffected. Black student are also suspended, expelled, placed in special education, and overlooked in terms of advanced classroom placement when they have White teachers. Therefore, every White teacher may not have a podcast that communicates Charles Murray or David Duke sentiments, but the slithered evidence of their shared ideological thinking is operating within public schools across the country.


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