Trade wars – is America’s economy collateral damage?

Trade wars – is America’s economy collateral damage?

April 3, 20182 min read

There’s been a lot of tough talk on trade coming from Washington as of late. With debates and even some delusions about trade surpluses and deficits,it’s feed for the political fodder, but are the politics behind the talk negatively impacting America’s economy?

President Trump says he is standing up for American jobs, but by threatening to tear up NAFTA and imposing billions in tariffs on China, is starting a street fight with America’s traditional trading partners worth it?

The common folk might think so. However, those who control the markets on Wall Street think not. The DOW is down. A lot. The NASDAQ is also falling. That means a lot of money is being lost and the ripples might be felt by middle America in the form of lost jobs.

So, what exactly happens in a trade war? Is America truly getting the raw deal President Trump is claiming when it comes to doing business with China, Canada, Mexico and others? What will come of all the tough talk on trade? How will it impact the economy?

There are many questions and issues to consider. That’s where the experts from Missouri State University can help. Dr. David Mitchell is a professor of economics and director of the Bureau of Economic Research at Missouri State. He is also an expert in economic forecasting and understanding market trends and direction. He can address what these trade wars will do for America's economy and what, if any, effects they will have on the American people. Click on his icon to connect with him.


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