White House Turmoil

White House Turmoil White House Turmoil

April 27, 20182 min read

Half of the top aides who came to the White House with President Trump in 2017 are gone, including Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, chief economic advisor and Director of the Director of the National Economic Council Gary Cohn, National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster, Communications Director Hope Hicks, and Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price. Still others, such as EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Chief of Staff John Kelly and White House physician Admiral Ronny Jackson, who withdrew his nomination to become Veterans Affairs Secretary, have seen their reputations battered by the harsh attention that comes with being associated with the Trump Administration. The White House revolving door has raises troubling questions about the administration's ability to attract and keep the best talent, as well as whether it is properly vetting candidates before tapping them for top jobs.

Our political science and management experts can discuss the impact the continuing and escalating tumult inside the West Wing will have on the White House's ability to effectively govern.

- Political Science Professor Meena Bose, director of Hofstra's Kalikow Center for the Study of the American Presidency, and Political Science Professor Richard Himelfarb can discuss the impact the escalating tumult and turnover inside the West Wing will have on the White House's ability to effectively govern.

- Comila Shahani-Denning, an expert in workplace psychology, and Janet Lenaghan, whose expertise is in human resource management, can discuss how this kind of environment affects the ability of an organization to function, and its ability to attract high-quality personnel.


Connect with:
  • Meena Bose
    Meena Bose Professor of Political Science

    MEENA BOSE is Executive Dean of Hofstra University’s Peter S. Kalikow School of Government, Public Policy and International Affairs

  • Richard Himelfarb
    Richard Himelfarb Professor of Political Science

    Professor Himelfarb's scholarly interests and expertise include health care policy (Affordable Care Act), Congress and the presidency.

  • Comila Shahani-Denning
    Comila Shahani-Denning Professor of Psychology; Director, M.A. Program in Industrial-Organizational Psychology

    Expert in workplace issues and behavior, hiring practices, leadership development, human resource management

  • Janet Lenaghan
    Janet Lenaghan Dean, Frank G. Zarb School of Business; Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship

    Professor Lenaghan's research focuses on human resource management, specifically work-family conflict and employee benefits.

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