The Tradition of Graduation

The Tradition of Graduation

May 1, 20182 min read

Southern Utah University’s 119th commencement ceremony will be held Friday, May 4th, 2018. Graduation day begins with the traditional procession from Upper Campus, under the Carter Carillon and into the America First Event Center where the formal ceremony to confer degrees will be held. The college convocations will take place that afternoon where each graduate is individually recognized, called to walk and accept their diploma.

Ranging in age from 17-64, the Class of 2018 consists of 1,868 graduates; 442 of which are master’s degrees, 1,050 bachelor’s degrees and 355 associate’s degrees, along with 21 certificates. These students represent 38 states and 24 countries.

Mindy Benson, Vice President of Alumni & Community Relations at Southern Utah University, shares some of the magic of graduation.

“Commencement is the best time of year for our students and our campus. It's steeped in tradition, from students going through the bell tower for the first time since they were freshmen, to the robes, the tassels, the bagpipes and the diplomas.”

Each graduate wears a cap and gown, traditions that date back centuries, and a tassel representing the color of their respective college. While today many may not see the significance of the attire, the uniform was historically considered a privilege. Other items, such as cords and stoles, represent various academic achievements and honors.

“Everything we do on commencement is formal, ceremonial, and comes from hundreds of years of tradition, dating back to the first commencements in England.”

“Commencement is the celebration of an extraordinary accomplishment, students have worked incredibly hard to get here; it's their time to celebrate, soak in the tradition, and make lasting memories with their classmates, colleagues, and families.”

Benson is a professional event planner who has run events nationally. She has directed and coordinated a variety of activities including concerts, building dedications, Presidential inaugurations, sporting events, and conferences. She is familiar with the media and available for an interview. Simply visit her profile.


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