Your Reaction is so America

Your Reaction is so America Your Reaction is so America

May 10, 20181 min read

It seems Donald Glover, aka, Childish Gambino, seemed to have broken the internet and the minds of both whites and people of color. The symbolism and messages have been broken down in a variety of different well thought out, and at the same time totally obtuse ways. Many people simply refuse to see it for what the video and lyrics are--and that's art. Art can be interrupted in a variety of ways. But it seems that when it comes to issues of race, people lose all sense of reality and either go into attack or defend mode. But this is the beauty of the video. It created discussion points that are essential American. In relations to the issue of race, the reaction to the video and song is uniquely "America." Since 1619 when the first Dutch flag arrived to the U.S. colonies, people have and continue to defending the status quo and the system of oppression that has enslaved, raped, and psychologically, economically, and socially controlled Black people, fighting against said system, or simply have become comfortable with sitting on the fence. We should use this piece of art, and it is art, to create progressive conversation.


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