What does a racist outburst say about Canada?

What does a racist outburst say about Canada? What does a racist outburst say about Canada?

May 10, 20181 min read

A viral video from a restaurant in Alberta is generating a ton of attention. The video shows a tirade of racist and derogatory comments by a woman toward what appears to be a table of unsuspecting people from Afghanistan.

During the rant, the woman claims several times that the strangers “are not Canadian.”

How could she definitively know their citizenship? Why would she care?

The woman was a customer at the restaurant. She has reportedly been fired from her job in the local community in the wake of what transpired.

We’ve seen similar events, just recently in Philadelphia, where two black men were arrested for waiting in a Starbucks. Most people were appalled by the event. Many Canadians suggested something like this could never happen in Canada.

Well now it has.

How common are outbursts, attacks and acts of silence, or even instances of systemic discrimination occurring in Canada?

Is our country far less innocent than we let on? What tools are in place to help our citizens, who live both inside and outside of urban centres accept diversity and new cultures?

Researcher Barbara Perry, PhD, is one of the world’s foremost authorities and renowned authors on hate crime, extremism and bias. Dr. Perry is regularly sought by national and international journalists and is available to speak. Simply click on her icon to arrange an interview.


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