Are drones really a threat to professional sports?

Are drones really a threat to professional sports? Are drones really a threat to professional sports?

May 11, 20181 min read

There’s a debate brewing among professional sports leagues and varying levels of government about drones.

The free flying drones are becoming more and more common at events. Whether it is someone sneaking a peak, capturing some video or potentially something more sinister.

The number of incidents is growing – and it has some people worried.

With most stadiums now seating anywhere from 40,000 (baseball) to 150,000 (NASCAR) there are questions of fan safety and even security.

Odds are there are also massive liability issues.

Some owners and leagues want to deploy drone counter-measures. Some want tighter laws. Others are expecting on-site law enforcement.

Now is this a case of legislation not keeping pace with technology? Just how big of a threat are drones and is this really cause for concern? And if so, what can actually be done. Open air events with remote controlled air-craft seem very difficult to police, control or regulate.

If you need to know more – this is where the experts from Farmingdale State College can help.

Dr. Michael Canders is an Associate Professor and Director of the Aviation Center at Farmingdale. He has flown airplanes and helicopters for over four decades and is an expert in aviation, safety and drones. Michael is available to speak about this topic – simply click on his icon to arrange an interview.


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  • Michael  Canders
    Michael Canders Aviation Center Director, Associate Professor

    Dr. Canders is an airline transport pilot, commercial helicopter pilot, and drone pilot with more than 4,000 flying hours experience.

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