The Greatest Scholar of Mexican-American Fast Food - Gustavo Arellano

The Greatest Scholar of Mexican-American Fast Food - Gustavo Arellano The Greatest Scholar of Mexican-American  Fast Food - Gustavo Arellano

August 28, 20182 min read

Award-winning columnist, author and food activist Gustavo Arellano is set to present at Southern Utah University’s A.P.E.X. event series Thursday, September 13, 2018. His appearance, titled after his book, Taco USA: How Mexican Food Conquered America, will share how a rich heritage’s culinary traditions have influenced everyday dining experiences throughout the United States.

Dr. Lynn Vartan, director of A.P.E.X Events at Southern Utah University, is proud to have Gustavo Arellano share his story with the SUU campus and community.

“Celebrating our diversity and learning about aspects of culture are so important to the A.P.E.X. Events Series. Gustavo’s writings, travels, and renown in the international food scene is like having our own food network star here on campus!”

Taco USA debunks the myths of what we perceive as Mexican food in America and speaks to the cultural impact of Latin America on our tastes and senses. Arellano explains how many recipes were conceived and/or were altered and modified after crossing the border. “Gustavo Arellano…is perhaps the greatest (and only) living scholar of Mexican-American fast food.” (New York Times)

“For his visit to SUU, we plan to generate as much contact as possible with our students and community. In addition to the actual A.P.E.X. event, he will be doing an intimate conversation with our students and a Taco-Run competition with local restaurants in Cedar City!”

“In our mission to bring diversity and culture to our audience, we are thrilled to have Gustavo deepen our perceptions of a favorite American food culture. All who attend are sure to enjoy – buen provecho!!”

Dr. Vartan and her team are passionate about the broad spectrum of thoughts, ideas, disciplines, backgrounds and cultural themes that can be showcased and shared, all within the context and with the consistency and organization of A.P.E.X. She is familiar with the media and available for an interview. Simply visit her profile.


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