The 25th Amendment won't work to remove Trump

The 25th Amendment won't work to remove Trump

September 6, 20181 min read

Multiple amateur constitutional scholars have advocated the use of the 25th Amendment remove President Trump from office, as an alternative to impeachment, but that won't work, says Brian Kalt, The Harold Norris Faculty Scholar at the Michigan State University College of Law.

But Section 4 of the amendment is a tool for a different job, and its use under today’s circumstances has the potential to tear the country apart, he says.

Kalt says section 4 is a great solution if the president is missing or comatose, but a terrible one when he is conscious and in full control of his Twitter account.

What exactly is the 25th Amendment? Kalt can explain. He can be reached via email at A link to to his bio:


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  • Brian Kalt
    Brian Kalt Professor of Law & Harold Norris Faculty Scholar

    Expert in constitutional law of the presidency, presidential pardons, impeachment, succession and the 25th Amendment.

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