Split Decision: Midterms 2018

Split Decision: Midterms 2018 Split Decision: Midterms 2018

November 7, 20181 min read

The days of one party control are over. Democrats, fueled by a diverse array of candidates including many women, capture the House for the first time in eight years while Republicans, energized by the confirmation fight over Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, strengthened their hold on the Senate. 

Will the change in Washington mean more gridlock and congressional investigations into President Trump and his administration, or even impeachment proceedings? Will the divided control of Congress force both parties and President Trump to temper partisan rhetoric and work together to legislate?

And what do the results tell us about the upcoming 2020 presidential race?

High turnout. Too-close-to-call contests. More than 100 women elected to Congress. Controversial ballot initiatives, including the restoration of voting rights to more than 1 million felons in Florida. 

Hofstra experts in political science, political public relations, suburban studies, and law are available to help you make sense of it all, providing context and expert commentary on a range of topics related to the midterm elections.

Connect with:
  • Meena Bose
    Meena Bose Professor of Political Science

    MEENA BOSE is Executive Dean of Hofstra University’s Peter S. Kalikow School of Government, Public Policy and International Affairs

  • Craig Burnett
    Craig Burnett Associate Professor of Political Science

    Professor Burnett's research focuses on state and local government, urban politics, political behavior, and electoral institutions

  • Richard Himelfarb
    Richard Himelfarb Professor of Political Science

    Professor Himelfarb's scholarly interests and expertise include health care policy (Affordable Care Act), Congress and the presidency.

  • Rosanna Perotti
    Rosanna Perotti Professor, Department of Political Science

    Professor Perotti's expertise is in American politics, including Congress, elections and political parties.

  • Lawrence Levy
    Lawrence Levy Vice President, Economic Development and Professional Studies; Executive Dean, National Center for Suburban Studies

    Dean Levy works close with Hofstra’s academic community to shape an innovative agenda for suburban study

  • Paul Fritz
    Paul Fritz Associate Professor of Political Science

    Professor Fritz specializes in international relations, with concentrations on international security and US foreign and defense policy.

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