Midterm Elections - The Day After

Midterm Elections - The Day After

November 7, 20182 min read

The day after … with Democrats taking the House and Republicans stronger in the Senate – what can we expect for the next two years?

It was a night most pundits expected – a DNC surge in Congress, as voters held the Trump administration to account. High voter turnout led to a long night and many close races across the country.

Surprisingly, the Republicans bolstered their position in the Senate, giving them enough wiggle room now with a comfortable four seat majority.

But what can Americans expect moving forward? A Democratic House could see DNC controlled committees putting forward an army of subpoenas from everything including the Russia investigation, to the President’s tax returns and all things in between. A Republican Senate now has a clear and simple path for appointments and nominations.

But now that it is over, will the two houses be able to work together to pass legislation and budgets? For the good of the country and for the sake of progress will much needed cooperation and compromise be an opportunity to over come America’s great political divide?

Or will this be two years of chaos, bickering and a country stuck between political divisions?

What lies ahead is not an easy question – and that’s where the political experts from Southern Utah University can help.

Mary Weaver Bennett is the director of the Michael O. Leavitt Center for Politics and Public Service at Southern Utah University. She spent over 25 years in a range of Washington, DC institutions and specializes in U.S. midterm elections and American politics.

Dr. G. Michael Stathis is a professor of political science and an expert in the fields of American Government international relations.

Donna Law is the Executive Director of Development and Government Relations at Southern Utah University and can speak about the impacts of government and higher education in Utah and across America.

Douglas F. Bennett joined Southern Utah University in 2014 after a long and successful career in Washington D.C. He now chairs the Department of Political Science and Criminal Justice at SUU and is an expert in trade, global relations and political organization.

Dr. Angela Pool-Funai is director of the Master of Public Administration program at Southern Utah University and an assistant professor of political science and public administration. She is an expert in the areas of taxation and tax policy.

All of these experts are available to speak with media – simply click on any of their icons to arrange an interview today.

Connect with:
  • Mary  Bennett
    Mary Bennett Director of the Micheal O. Leavitt Center for Politics and Public Service

    Specializing in U.S. campaigns and elections, government relations, and public policy and advocacy

  • G. Michael Stathis
    G. Michael Stathis Professor of Political Science and International Relations

    Specializing in political science, international relations, and media portrayal of Islamic religion

  • Donna Law
    Donna Law Associate Vice President, Community & Government Relations

    Specializing in legislative and regulatory policy, arts and non-profit management, and fund-raising in higher education

  • Douglas Bennett
    Douglas Bennett Associate Professor of Political Science

    Dr. Bennett joined SUU after a successful career in D.C., specializing foreign commerce, trade, and product liability

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