The future of work is here, and the rights of older people are at stake

The future of work is here, and the rights of older people are at stake The future of work is here, and the rights of older people are at stake

February 8, 20192 min read

The International Labour Organization (ILO) is an international organization that aims to promote rights at work, encourage decent employment opportunities, enhance social protection and strengthen dialogue on work-related issues. In January 2019, the ILO celebrated the beginning of its 100th year with the launch of the report on the Global Commission on the Future of Work.

This report examines the alternatives for addressing the changes and challenges in the world of work – including how to better protect and support older workers. In addition, the ILO also very recently released a working paper on the future of work in the health care sector, including long-term care. By using a human-centered approach, the ILO is exploring and proposing ways to build more inclusive and active societies. 

Older persons are often left behind in international development and universal human rights – including progress in decent work, lifelong learning, and social protection coverage. As an NGO with general consultative status with the United Nations (UN) Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), the International Federation on Ageing (IFA) continuously advocates for the rights of older persons to be protected and respected by influencing and shaping age-related policies including those above.

This year the IFA has expanded its representation at the UN in Geneva with the addition of a new IFA UN Representative, Dr Xenia Scheil-Adlung. Prior to her current work as an independent expert in global health and long-term care policy, Xenia worked as a Senior Health Policy Coordinator for the ILO, and as a Head of Division in the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Social Affairs for the Federation Government of Germany. Contact Dr Scheil-Adlung to learn more about how health and social policies can better protect older persons’ rights to health and social security.

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    Dr. Xenia Scheil-Adlung UN Rep for Geneva

    Dr. Xenia Scheil-Adlung is a UN Representative for Geneva / International Federation on Ageing

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