It is time for national standards for addiction treatment in America?

It is time for national standards for addiction treatment in America?

February 8, 20191 min read

America is in the midst of an epidemic, and it is losing. Opioid use often gets the headlines, but substance abuse and addiction is a wider issue with many levels of care and populations


The discussion around the country often focuses on causes and criminal justice  with less attention paid to the quality and standardization of treatment options and practices. Currently there is no standardized treatment plan in America and it is leaving serious doubts, unfairly, about the effectiveness of treating substance use disorder.

“While there are nationally recognized standards for evidence-based care, treatment programs are not required to follow them, and many lack the resources to do so – leaving patients and loved ones with little assurance that a particular program is equipped to deliver high-quality addiction treatment.” Paul H. Earley, MD, DFASAM,

But what would a standardized addiction treatment system look like?

  • How would it increase transparency and consumer confidence?
  • How would it ensure consistent expectations across the country?
  • What are the costs; can America afford not to implement these strategies?

There are a lot of questions and that’s where CARF International can help.


Michael Johnson is Managing Director of Behavioral Health at CARF and is an expert in treatment strategies for mental health and substance use disorder. Michael is available to speak with media regarding this topic – simply click on his expert icon to arrange an interview.

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