Adding Life to Years

Adding Life to Years Adding Life to Years

February 12, 20191 min read

With a rapidly ageing global population, ensuring that individuals are able to maintain their functional ability as they age is of utmost importance. IFA expert Dr Alexandre Kalache is the President of the International Longevity Centre-Brazil (ILC BR) and since 2015 co-President of the Global Alliance of International Longevity Centres (ILC-GA).

Alongside this shifting demographic, global inequality exists, and the diverse needs of older people are apparent. Reduced access to health and social services, healthy foods and financial insecurity all impact the ageing trajectory. Additionally, certain subpopulations of older people experience additional marginalization, which is known to further negatively impact their lives.

Dr Kalache is a recognized leader in the field of ageing committed to eliminating inequity in populations globally and can be contacted to discuss addressing disparities and ensuring that older people can grow older in good health.

"There are many people that are aging in the world without a roof on top of their heads, without food on the table, without minimum money in their pockets to buy the medicine that they need at the end of the day. The way to [fix] this is step by step." – Dr Kalache

To learn more about the work of the IFA in combating inequities, read the report on key messages from the Addressing Inequalities Summit.

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  • Dr. Alexandre Kalache
    Dr. Alexandre Kalache President

    Launched the WHO Active Ageing Policy Framework and the worldwide movement on Age-Friendly Cities among many other enduring initiatives

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