The new old: Let’s think about ageing differently

The new old: Let’s think about ageing differently The new old: Let’s think about ageing differently

March 19, 20191 min read

‘Silver tsunami’, ‘rising tide’, ‘perfect storm’ – these are the phrases typically associated with population ageing and reflect the commonly held and deeply rooted perceptions that older people are all dependent and have nothing to offer to society. How can we influence the population ageing agenda to be more positive, proactive, and inclusive?

The International Federation on Ageing (IFA) is driving the population ageing agenda with new approaches to policies related to ageing and older people. Through programs of work and collaboration the IFA is an international platform that seeks to improve our understanding of age-friendly environments, to debate the solutions to address inequalities, to confront the reality of ageism, and to delve into what it means to enable the functional ability of an older person. The upcoming 15th Global Conference on Ageing in Niagara Falls will be held in 2020 and will feature diverse and exciting presentations across these themes. Registration and abstract submissions are now open here.

This Wednesday 21 March, the IFA will be participating in a steering group meeting of the Economist Group Initiative on Healthy Ageing in Washington, D.C. to contribute to new ways of thinking about ageing. IFA Expert, Mr Greg Shaw, will share his extensive knowledge of age-related policies as a panellist for the event. Contact him to learn more about the ‘new old’, the IFA’s 15th Global Conference on Ageing, and more.

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  • Greg Shaw
    Greg Shaw Director of International and Corporate Relations

    Mr. Shaw represents the IFA at the United Nations, works closely with governments, and maintains the IFA’s elder abuse initiatives

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