Will Apple shine or is a little too late to be dipping its toe into the streaming game?

Will Apple shine or is a little too late to be dipping its toe into the streaming game?

April 12, 20192 min read

It was the big unveil a lot of tech insiders, analysts and Apple followers had been anticipating. With Oprah, Steven Spielberg and other members of the entertainment elite on-hand to lend a hand – Apple TV Plus was finally revealed.

The service, coming this fall, will be subscription based and will bring exclusive original shows, movies, and documentaries to rival the likes of Amazon, Netflix and Crave. While it is unlikely Canada will see the inclusion of "Apple TV Channels" in all its US-like glory, it is certain that Apple's arrival to the streaming space would further put the squeeze on traditional TV service providers. With yet another premium content streaming service to choose and a finite budget, consumers will have to start making tougher choices between letting go of something or shaving off cost somewhere – unfortunately, the traditional TV cord may be the first in consideration.

Here are the questions some insiders are pondering:

  • Will a loyal customer base and strong partner relationships prove advantageous in luring content creators and viewership alike as Apple TV Plus breaks through the boundaries of Apple hardware?
  • Where does the real opportunity lie for companies like Apple?
  • How will they fare as consumers are challenged to make tougher decisions on who gets a share of their wallet? Will it be traditional TV or OTT Video service that gets the boot?

According to Manish Nargas "Currently, consumer intent to continue to subscribe to TV services remains relatively stable year over year in Canada and consumers are happy to complement TV with other OTT video services". IDC's latest survey, Canadian Consumer Survey Indicators, 2019: Wireless, Internet, TV, and OTT Video Services shows that "those who do plan to reduce or stop their TV service, do so in order to save money, not on account of dissatisfaction in quality of service."

There are a lot of questions to be answered between now and when Apple TV Plus launches and that’s where our experts can help. Manish Nargas is a research analyst specializing in consumer and mobile research. He is an expert in emerging consumer technologies with a focus on usage trends and adoption. Simply click on Manish’s icon to learn more about this survey or to arrange an interview.

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