Thank You Canada: CAA launches gratitude campaign for being voted the most trusted brand in Canada

Thank You Canada: CAA launches gratitude campaign for being voted the most trusted brand in Canada Thank You Canada: CAA launches gratitude campaign for being voted the most trusted brand in Canada

April 17, 20193 min read

Thornhill, ON, April 17, 2019 – CAA South Central Ontario (CAA SCO) has launched a new series of emotional videos as part of a campaign designed to thank Canadians for voting the company the most trusted brand in Canada in the fourth annual Gustavson Brand Trust Index.

“We really wanted to show our appreciation to Canadians for putting their trust in us and for their incredible loyalty,” said Erin Roux, brand manager, CAA South Central Ontario. “Everything we do is designed to keep members safe and to make their days better and it is so fulfilling to see that mission come to life through such strong brand trust.”

To show this gratitude, CAA reached out to Canadians with a series of posts on social media across South Central Ontario, to say thank you and to ask Canadians to submit ideas on how the company could lend a helping hand.

The response was remarkable. Close to 1000 people submitted requests that could be fulfilled by CAA as a gesture of thanks. Canadians displayed bravery by sharing their stories, worries and dreams for the future. Three of these inspiring stories were selected to be showcased in a digital campaign, produced by agency partner Arrivals + Departures.

“The submissions we received from everyday Canadians were inspiring to say the least,” continued Roux. “It was hard to choose which to showcase with so many compelling and often selfless requests. The common theme that emerged was that when we asked what we can do for Canadians, a majority thought of what they could do for others.”

Once selected, CAA associates hit the road to make the acts of gratitude a reality.

Lynda Schwarz from Saint Clements, Ontario, asked for a string of Solar LED lights to be installed around the beautiful oak tree she recently planted in honour of her late father-in-law. Her hope was to bring her family together in the evenings to enjoy the illuminated lights and keep his memory alive.

Jason Brent is a hardworking flight instructor and single dad living in Petrolia, Ontario. His mother, Ann, submitted a request for CAA to treat Jason and his two kids to a family day. He often works on weekends and so it’s difficult for the family to enjoy quality time together.

Nancy Bell of Kitchener, Ontario, reached out on behalf of her 90-year-old father, for whom she has been the primary care giver for the last year. He was diagnosed with two forms of cancer and she wanted to surprise him with a professional piano player to play some of his favourite music on their grand piano.


 CAA would like to thank the associates, who not only helped to make these three wishes come true, but who work very hard everyday to ensure CAA remains one of the most trusted brands in the country.

About CAA South Central

For over 115 years, CAA has been helping Canadians stay mobile, safe and protected. CAA South Central Ontario is one of nine auto clubs across Canada providing roadside assistance, travel, insurance services and member savings for our over 2 million members.


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