The Importance of a Bilingual Health Fair

The Importance of a Bilingual Health Fair

April 24, 20191 min read

Dr. Elizabeth Olson, associate professor of anthropology and associate director for the Center of Excellence in Teaching and Learning at Southern Utah University, has organized and facilitated Feria de la Salud each year. Feria de la Salud is a free, bilingual health fair held in Cedar City each April.

Dr. Olson organized the first Feria de la Salud in April of 2018 in collaboration with Christer Mercado and Peter Sorensen. The three have spent time in Spanish-speaking countries, and are passionate about service, Hispanic culture, and public health education.

“I have prior experience conducting community health fairs in communities where I previously lived and worked,” Dr. Olson detailed. “A bilingual health fair is essential to promote the understanding that health is for everyone- no matter race, skin color or language preference.”

The Feria de la Salud is a resource for everyone, but specifically the Hispanic community in Cedar City. Organizers of the Feria de la Salud want to help the community gain better access to healthcare, and create a safe space for multiple cultures to blend together.

“Such an event knits our community together and breaks barriers of language and prejudice.”

Dr. Olson's anthropological research has looked at traditional healing systems in Utah, the Bolivian Amazon, and Mexico, leading her to focus on the intersections among health, environments, and economic markets. She is familiar with the media and available for an interview. Simply visit her profile.

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