SUU Honored With Three Best of State Titles

SUU Honored With Three Best of State Titles

May 6, 20191 min read

Southern Utah University has once again gained three Best of State awards to add to its impressive list of accolades, winning for best educational institution, curriculum development, and volunteer service.

Best of State recognizes outstanding individuals, organizations and businesses in Utah. The win highlights SUU’s many accomplishments as an educational institution, including achievement of endeavors, innovation in approach, methods and processes, and overall contribution to the quality of life in Utah.

President Scott L Wyatt is all smiles when asked about these new awards, “It is such an honor to be at SUU at this time. We are in an extremely creative period; everyone here is taking seriously the charge to put students first and help them have an extraordinary experience with high outcomes.”

Beyond being known for innovation, SUU was recognized for its contribution to the community and state in the volunteer service category. With hundreds of thousands of volunteer hours given by the students, faculty and staff each year, and the Carnegie Foundation Community Engagement Classification, SUU stands above other institutions.

“The college years are a very self-focused time in a young person’s lifeStudents are working hard to achieve their goals and prepare for their futures. Nevertheless, our students find considerable amounts of time to serve others in our community. Our faculty and staff are providing wonderful mentorship for them. I couldn’t be more impressed with the character of the people at SUU.”

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