Hurricane Hazards

Hurricane Hazards Hurricane Hazards

May 30, 20192 min read

Experts in sustainability, environment and climate change are available to discuss the 2019 Atlantic hurricane season, which begins June 1 and is expected to bring 9 to 15 named storms. Up to four of these storms could become potentially devastating Category 3, 4 or 5 hurricanes with winds of 111 mph or higher, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. 

After several consecutive seasons of historic storms including Harvey, Irma, Maria, and Michael, what can we expect this year and how can we be better prepared?  

Professors Jase Bernhardt and Robert Brinkmann, experts in sustainability and environment, can help explain the factors that contribute to extreme weather events, including the suspected role played by climate change and global warming.

Professor Bernhardt oversees Hofstra’s meteorology program and is researching how virtual reality technology can improve storm warnings, preparation and response. Over the past year, he and his students have used VR technology to simulate hurricanes and then surveyed people to gauge their reactions to the experience. He has also directed a recent interdisciplinary symposium examining disaster preparedness on Long Island, a region that has been devastated over the years by powerful hurricanes and storms such as Sandy, Irene, and Gloria.

Professor Bernhardt, who has appeared in media outlets including The Weather Channel, The Washington Post, WPIX 11, and Newsday, recently participated in the National Weather Service’s annual Hurricane Awareness Tour, joining a roster of industry experts to help spread awareness of risks associated with hurricanes, including storm surge, high winds, and freshwater flooding. A paper based on his virtual reality work has been accepted for publication in a leading journal of meteorology.

In addition to hurricanes, Professor Brinkmann is also a noted expert on global warming, energy, and the growing phenomenon of sinkholes, and has been interviewed by the Smithsonian Magazine, National Geographic, and the Associated Press, among others. He is the author of Florida Sinkholes: Science and Policy  (University Press of Florida, 2013).

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  • Jase Bernhardt
    Jase Bernhardt Assistant Professor of Geology, Environment, and Sustainability

    Dr. Bernhardt has had a lifelong passion for studying weather and climate. His current research focuses hurricane preparedness.

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