Otterbein’s engineering program focuses on adding diversity to the profession

Otterbein’s engineering program focuses on adding diversity to the profession

June 20, 20192 min read

In April, Otterbein granted degrees to its first class of engineering graduates. While it’s a historic moment for the school, the class is important for another reason: it exceeds the national graduation rate for women in engineering.

Otterbein is working in an intentional way to recruit a diverse class of engineers in a field that is increasingly looking for well-trained professionals who bring diverse opinions and ideas to the table.

According to the American Society of Engineering Education, the national average for females earning bachelor’s degrees in engineering is 19.9%. The average for minority students graduating with engineering degrees is just 7%.

Amongst the 21 students graduating from Otterbein, 29% are female and 29% are minority students.

The inaugural class was also the first class to study in The Point at Otterbein University, an experiential learning facility focused on collaboration with businesses, community makers and academics. At The Point, students have opportunities to pursue industry projects and on-campus internships with resident professionals from some of the country’s largest and most respected businesses, like JPMorgan Chase and Nestle, and locally based companies, like Worthington Industries, Nikola Labs and edgeThingZ.

Of the 21 graduating students, several are pursuing graduate studies at The Ohio State University and Santa Clara University, while others have already accepted full-time jobs at companies like Honda and Williams-Sonoma.

“The students in this class helped us develop a strong program and accomplished a lot during their four years,” said Mike Hudoba, assistant professor of engineering. “Looking back on what they started with, it’s such a neat legacy they get to leave behind. They’re all hardworking students who entered into this new program with us.”

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Michael Hudoba is an assistant professor of engineering at Otterbein University and he is available to speak to media regarding this historic time at the school. Simply click on his icon to arrange an interview.

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