Experts in the media - Will Facebook, Google take over blockchain?

Experts in the media - Will Facebook, Google take over blockchain?

June 25, 20191 min read

Banking and big tech are going ‘all-in’ on blockchain initiatives – and it is getting a lot of attention from investors, regulators and the industry.

In an announcement this week, Facebook stated it was moving full speed ahead with its cryptocurrency ‘Libra”.

With this announcement, Facebook isn’t just moving into the cryptocurrency space—it’s also setting itself up as a financial services company. Unlike many other cryptocurrencies, Libra will be specifically designed for use as a payment medium, rather than a speculative asset. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other digital currencies are generally difficult to transfer back and forth for everyday payments, partly because the price of the tokens is based primarily on market demand. The value thus fluctuates dramatically. If it works, Libra should be much less volatile since it will be pegged to traditional financial assets, including a raft of government-issued currencies.

Slate, June 18, 2019

Recently, Dr. Eric Overby, associate professor of information technology at Georgia Tech's Scheller College of Business was interviewed by Blockchain Tech News to get his perspective on what to expect now that Google and Facebook are adopting blockchain as part of their platforms.

The interview is attached below.

Eric Overby's research focuses on the transition from physical to electronic modes of interaction and its effect on market efficiency. Eric is available to speak to media regarding blockchain or any other technology related topics – simply click on his icon to arrange an interview.

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