Crowded Debate Stage

Crowded Debate Stage Crowded Debate Stage

July 31, 20191 min read

Voters have more than a year before they go to the polls to pick their next president, but the 2020 election process is already underway with ongoing Democratic primary debates that will thin a field of 20 candidates to one nominee.   Experts who can analyze debate performance and discuss how candidates can stand out in a crowd include:

Mark Lukasiewicz, dean of the Lawrence Herbert School of Communication and a former NBC news executive who has produced live coverage of ten presidential debates. He can discuss the evolution of televised debates, the impact of moderators, and the growing dependence on entertainment elements to draw viewers.  

Tomeka Robinson, rhetoric professor and director of Hofstra’s award-winning speech and debate team. She can offer commentary on the candidates’ debate styles and overall performance. 

Rosanna Perotti, political science professor, can discuss candidates’ policy stands and the overall race for the White House.

Connect with:
  • Mark Lukasiewicz
    Mark Lukasiewicz Dean, The Lawrence Herbert School of Communication

    Veteran journalist and media executive; now shaping the vision of one of the country's top communication schools.

  • Tomeka Robinson
    Tomeka Robinson Professor of Rhetoric & Public Advocacy

    Dr. Robinson is an expert on effective public debate as well as health communication. She directs Hofstra's award-winning forensics team.

  • Rosanna Perotti
    Rosanna Perotti Professor, Department of Political Science

    Professor Perotti's expertise is in American politics, including Congress, elections and political parties.

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