The World Needs More MBAs! Let an expert from WGU explain how partnerships can make it work.

The World Needs More MBAs! Let an expert from WGU explain how partnerships can make it work.

August 19, 20192 min read

Recently, much talk has centered on the closing of business school programs, and the extreme debt that many students take on to achieve a business degree. New data from Bloomberg Businessweek reported that nearly half of students polled from 126 universities across the world finance $100,000 or more for their MBAs.

Bloomberg Businessweek surveyed more than 10,000 2018 graduates of MBA programs from 126 schools about the amount of debt they piled on earning their degrees. The survey found that almost half of students at leading business schools around the world borrowed at least $100,000 to finance their MBA.

According to the survey, at minimum 40% of MBA graduates from U.S. News & World Report’s top-ranking business programs — those at Duke, Dartmouth, University of Michigan, Cornell and University of Chicago — reported incurring at least $100,000 in debt.” July 09 – CNBC

MBAs have been widely accepted by employers, and the return on investment for students has historically been high. Over the years, business programs have adapted to the needs of employers, and the basic design of the MBA, combining a broad scope of valuable business skills, has remained relevant despite massive changes in the business world. But with the rise of tuition costs, rapid changes in technology, and a higher value being placed on specialization, the long-standing value proposition of the MBA is changing. Cost, flexibility of delivery and open-loop, customized micro-learning are more likely to meet the needs of students and employers going forward.

At WGU, we live and breathe the mission of supporting student academic success and expanding opportunities with affordable, valuable and relevant degree programs. Collaborations with companies which are equally committed to provide their employees the opportunity to sharpen their skills, advance in their careers, and better their lives, are one step in this evolution of business education. An evolution not in the future, it’s here. 

Dr. Rashmi Prasad is Dean and Academic Vice President of Western Governors University's College of Business.  Dr. Prasad is available to speak with media regarding the need for higher education and how partnerships will bolster MBA programs and help graduates find success after they leave school – simply click on his icon to arrange an interview.

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