By the numbers - Can a school truly measure the success of its graduates? Let our experts explain how it is done.

By the numbers - Can a school truly measure the success of its graduates? Let our experts explain how it is done.

August 19, 20192 min read

Education is a staple in our modern society. The path to success, security and stability often lies in one form or another of post-secondary training, education and higher learning.  And though education may be an investment in one’s future – it’s an expensive investment and that has led to some scrutiny.

  • Student debt is in the trillions.
  • Completion rates hover at about 60 percent.
  • Tuition is increasing at twice the rate of inflation.

Now there are literally thousands of institutions in America offering higher education. Some are household names and others offer unmatched prestige, learning and success after graduation.

But how can they deliver on those promises?

At Western Governors University – that answer was one of its first priorities upon opening.

 “Since Western Governors University enrolled its first student 20 years ago, the university has been data-driven and student-obsessed. We track student progress, retention, completion and satisfaction, and we even poll employers of our graduates to get feedback on graduate preparedness and performance. These metrics help us identify needed innovations and improvements and inform new efforts -- and, while these data have proven useful, we wanted to know more.

Gallup has established measures designed to gauge workforce and life outcomes, including employee engagement, wellbeing and emotional attachment to one's university. In addition, Gallup has identified five elements of wellbeing -- career, social, financial, community and physical -- and, based on a series of questions, can determine whether individuals are thriving, struggling or suffering in each element.” May 13 - Gallup

Are you a reporter covering higher-ed who might be interested in how schools are delivering for their students after they graduate?  If you have questions – let our experts help with your stories.

Scott Pulsipher serves as the President of Western Governors University. He is an expert in the areas of higher learning, higher education access and innovation. Scott is available to speak with reporters about this topic – simply click on his icon to arrange an interview.

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