How to talk to your family about fake news

How to talk to your family about fake news

August 21, 20191 min read

A recent segment hosted by ABC’s “The Debrief” examined fake news and how older generations are influenced by its use, with Professor of Cinema and Television Arts Naeemah Clark offering her insights.

During the Aug. 2 show, Clark joined host Kimberly Brooks by video to discuss how to talk to your family about understanding what is and is not fake news. Specifically, the segment addressed why old generations more frequently share inaccurate news than other demographics.

According to Clark, this trend is the result of the exponential growth in news media since the mid- to late-20th century. 

“In previous generations, the news … was trusted and it was believed because that is what they had,” Clark said during the interview. “There were three channels … and the 6 o’clock news was what you trusted, what you were dependent on. Now that there are so many more sources, it is more difficult" … to identify what is truthful.

Watch the entire segment here.

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