Baylor expert’s new book offers hope for addressing America’s hunger crisis

Baylor expert’s new book offers hope for addressing America’s hunger crisis

August 22, 20191 min read

As the founder and director of Baylor’s Texas Hunger Initiative, Jeremy Everett (MDiv ’01) is literally considered an expert on fighting hunger. Recently, he’s followed in the footsteps of many experts before him — by authoring his first book on his area of expertise.

The book, I Was Hungry, offers an assessment of the current hunger crisis in America and a strategy for addressing the problem. Everett focuses on scripture, calling Christians to listen to Matthew 25:35 and work intentionally across ideological divides to effectively end America’s hunger crisis.

“Approximately 40 million Americans experience food insecurity,” Everett told Christianity Today last month. “My view is that this particular group bears the weight of all the brokenness in our social systems. Often, we look at Americans experiencing hunger or food insecurity and place them in different categories than Americans who, say, lack access to healthcare, live in poverty, or struggle to find good jobs. But the reality, on the local level, is that these groups are all part of the same family. Their struggles are interconnected.”

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  • Jeremy  Everett, B.A., MDiv.
    Jeremy Everett, B.A., MDiv. Senior Director of the Texas Hunger Initiative

    The founder and executive director of the Texas Hunger Initiative (THI), a capacity-building, anti-hunger project within Baylor University

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