Turkey's Military Operation in Syria

Turkey's Military Operation in Syria Turkey's Military Operation in Syria

October 9, 20191 min read

President Trump made a surprising move by pulling back troops from the Syria-Turkey border. In response on October 9, Turkey launched a military operation in northern Syria. 

Samer Abboud, professor of Global Interdisciplinary Studies, says he's interested in how the Turkish offensive against the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) will advance the Syrian regime’s campaign to resume control over all of Syria. 

"The Turkish decision to intervene has been effectively sanctioned by the tripartite powers (Iran, Turkey, Russia) as was the Russian-led intervention into Idlib that began earlier this year," Abboud says. "The Turkish government and the Syrian regime have a common interest in eliminating the power of the SDF and the main Kurdish political party (PYD) in Syria. This eliminates the threat of a Kurdish autonomous region along Turkey’s borders as well as any threats to Syria’s territorial integrity. Eliminating the power of the SDF and PYD is one of the few common goals of the Turkish and Syrian governments."

Abboud is able to discuss issues concerning the Syrian geopolitical situation as it relates to the United States or Syria’s neighbors. 

To speak with Abboud, email mediaexperts@villanova.edu or call 610-519-5152.

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