Experts in the media! If you’re covering politics – Georgia Southern is the go-to place for election expertise

Experts in the media! If you’re covering politics – Georgia Southern is the go-to place for election expertise

November 11, 20192 min read

It was a historic election in Georgia that saw changing tastes and shifting tides among voters across the state. The coverage was extensive and the experts from front and center in local and statewide media lending their expert perspectives and opinions to reports and journalists about the results.


“A political science associate professor on Georgia Southern’s Armstrong Campus in Savannah says all the women who made history in Tuesday’s election overcame significant obstacles with their campaigns in Bulloch and Chatham counties.

“Those three new women beat incumbents and that’s very unusual,” said Dr. Lara Wessel. “So when we see women or men beating incumbents, again we want to look to try to figure out what’s going on behind those election results.

“What it says to me is that the citizens of Statesboro and the citizens of Savannah are interested in change.”

Dr. Wessel adds that the five women who won elections are much more than trailblazers, they’re local proof female candidates can break through barriers that have held women out of some local political offices for centuries.”  November 06 – NBC News

Soon, Savannah will be welcoming four new aldermen, and two new alderman-at-large.

“It’s majority progressive. It’s majority female. It’s majority community activists. A lot community activists," said Georgia Southern Associate Professor of Sociology Dr. Ned Rinalducci …

“We’re going to see a shift to deal with things like affordable housing, homelessness, and less on development and tourism,” said Rinalducci.

Rinalducci said the city saw a turnover back in 2015-ushering in more pro-business candidates.

He said this election’s shift towards could be a sign of dissatisfaction with voters.

“I think clearly there’s some discontent with the priorities of city government previous, and I think that was communicated clearly with yesterday’s election results," said Rinalducci. November 06 – ABC News

The coming twelve months are going to be a busy one for political reporters across the state and country. If you are a journalist looking for political experts who can be a solid source of context and perspective for your stories – let us help.

Dr. Lara Wessel and Ned Rinalducci are both available to speak to media about politics, elections and issues affecting voters. Simply click on either expert’s icon to arrange an interview.

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