CRISPR is the genetic game changer – but are we ready?

CRISPR is the genetic game changer – but are we ready?

December 10, 20192 min read

CRISPR is here to stay – and the daily advances of this technology and stem cell therapy seem to be moving at a near exponential speed.

“CRISPR Therapeutics of Zug, Switzerland, reported that one patient with sickle cell anemia and another with beta thalassemia appear to have benefited from the same CRISPR-based intervention for up to 9 months, STAT reports. (The company gave STAT an early look at the data but did not allow outside commenters to see the results.) Before the treatment, both patients required multiple infusions each year of red blood cells. CRISPR Therapeutics, collaborating with Vertex Pharmaceuticals, removed blood stem cells from their bodies and modified them with CRISPR to knock out a gene that shuts down production of fetal hemoglobin. When the edited cells were put back in each patient’s body through a stem cell transplant—which required a toxic chemotherapy to kill their own stem cells—both people produced high levels of fetal hemoglobin and no longer needed transfusions.” November 19 – Science Mag

CRISPR and how it will shape the future of genetics, health care and society are the subject of great debate, hope and concern and if you are a journalist covering this topic and need an expert source for insight and perspective – let us help.

Dr. Michael Davis researches cardiac regeneration, stem cell therapy and preservation at the Georgia Tech College of Engineering where he also is the Associate Chair for Graduate Studies in Biomedical Engineering. Michael is available to speak to media regarding this topic, simply click on his icon to arrange an interview.

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    Michael Davis Professor, Associate Chair for Graduate Studies, Biomedical Engineering

    Michael Davis researches cardiac regeneration and preservation.

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