Who should pay for the opioid epidemic? – In latest lawsuit, drug stores say it's the doctors

Who should pay for the opioid epidemic? – In latest lawsuit, drug stores say it's the doctors

January 8, 20202 min read

It’s lawsuit after lawsuit after lawsuit as blame, accountability and, eventually, restitution is sought as the opioid epidemic's damage is sorted out across courtrooms in America.

The latest turn in the road is that major drug store chains are now suing doctors in the bell-weather area of northeast Ohio with a claim that it is those with the pen and prescription pad that need to own the responsibility for the rampant opioid abuse across the country.

“CVS, Walgreen Co., Walmart, Rite Aid and other major pharmacy chains said opioid prescribers bear responsibility for the prescription narcotic crisis, but unlike the drugstores, have not been sued by Cuyahoga and Summit counties. In legal papers filed Monday, they contended that doctors and other prescribers should have to pay some of the penalty if the drugstore chains are found liable at trial. January 07 - Washington Post


With billions at stake and the fates of big-pharma, drug stores and distributors, and now doctors now in the hands of the justice system – what’s next?


  • How long will these lawsuits be tied up in court?
  • Will the victims and families of the hundreds of thousands of Americans impacted by the opioid epidemic ever see compensation?
  • And is this a matter of finding one sector or segment accountable or in these instances, will it be shared?


There are a lot of questions to be asked, and that’s where the experts from the University of Connecticut can help.

Alexandra Lahav is an expert in complex litigation, class actions, and mass torts, and is the author of a prize-winning book, In Praise of Litigation. Alexandra is available to speak with media regarding the mass of opioid epidemic lawsuits – simply click on her icon to arrange an interview.

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