If it's an election in America or Asia – Mary Washington’s experts are sought out by media

If it's an election in America or Asia – Mary Washington’s experts are sought out by media

January 31, 20201 min read

The election in Taiwan on January 10 saw a strong anti-China sentiment reinforced with the re-election of President Tsai Ing-wen. 

Elections in America, and even an ocean away can have ripple effects on economies, relations and even national security.

As the world tuned in the results in Taiwan – it was the media that contacted the experts from Mary Washington for insight and opinion.

Elizabeth Freund Larus, Professor of Political Science and International Affairs, offered commentary January 10 on CNBC Asia’s Capital Connection on the 2020 Taiwan presidential election.

Professor Larus indicated that incumbent Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen benefited from the Hong Kong protests and that she would likely be re-elected. Dr. Larus projected that a second Tsai administration will continue to diversify Taiwan’s economy and distance itself from China, and that Beijing will put more heat on Taipei, bringing the U.S. into play.

Capital Connection is a television business news program aired every weekday on various CNBC channels around the world. It is broadcast live from Singapore. See more here:

Are you a journalist covering Asian politics? That’s where our experts can help.

Professor Elizabeth Freund Larus teaches political science at the University of Mary Washington and is an #expert on China and the field of Asian studies. She is available to speak to media – simply click on her icon to arrange an interview.

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