Trump acquittal a foregone conclusion, Tulane impeachment expert says

Trump acquittal a foregone conclusion, Tulane impeachment expert says

February 4, 20201 min read

If Republican senators acquit President Donald Trump as expected on Wednesday, they still will have important choices to make about their justification for taking such action, a Tulane University impeachment expert says.

“If they stick to disputing the facts, they might look ridiculous,” said Stephen Griffin, a constitutional law professor at the Tulane School of Law. “What most of them are doing so far is not disputing the facts. They are saying the facts don’t rise to the level of impeachment.”

Griffin said such statements are potentially dangerous and could pave the way for future presidents to act as they wish, with no checks and balances. “They might infer that anything Trump did – or less – is now acceptable.”

Griffin also said that the anticipated acquittal will likely immunize Trump from any further impeachment efforts. However, he added, if Trump wins a second term and Democrats take control of the Senate, “then all bets are off.”

Griffin is available for media interviews and can put the legal aspects of impeachment in context for readers and viewers. He can be reached at or by contacting Barri Bronston at or 504-314-7444.


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