Carolyn Maull McKinstry Speaks at SUU

Carolyn Maull McKinstry Speaks at SUU Carolyn Maull McKinstry Speaks at SUU

February 3, 20201 min read

A.P.E.X. Events is proud to continue the spring season by sharing the life of Carolyn Maull McKinstry and her voice in the Civil Rights Movement. Join A.P.E.X. Events on Thursday, February 6 at 11:30 a.m. in the Great Hall on the campus of Southern Utah University. 

"Carolyn’s story is incredible, and she represents both the history and the now of civil rights in our country,” said Dr. Lynn Vartan, director of A.P.E.X. Events. “We can all learn so much from her story, her history and her now.”

McKinstry is a survivor and eyewitness to the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church bombing on September 15, 1963. As a teenager, McKinstry marched under Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and bravely faced Bull Connor's German shepherds and stinging fire hoses during the battle for equal rights in her hometown of Birmingham, Alabama. In 2013, McKinstry authored While the World Watched: A Birmingham Bombing Survivor Comes of Age During the Civil Rights Movement, an account of the bombings, riots, assignations, and the historic marches and triumphant moments of the Civil Rights movement.

A.P.E.X. Events is Southern Utah University’s premier weekly lecture series, with speakers and presenters invited from all areas of the world. Attendees to our events are students, faculty, staff and community members, and the series features a diverse range of topics and disciplines. 

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