Half Way Through the 2020 Utah Legislative Session

Half Way Through the 2020 Utah Legislative Session

February 24, 20201 min read

The 2020 legislative session is now more than halfway done. As I sit with my colleagues in our twice-weekly meeting, we count 13 days left to do business.

SUU President Scott L Wyatt has delivered excellent presentations to both the Infrastructure and General Government (IGG) and Higher Education Appropriation Committee (HEAC). SUU’s Academic Classroom Building was prioritized as number two among higher education projects, and we are very encouraged about this positioning. That said, it's not done until it's done on March 13. 

We have already discussed with lawmakers the possibility that, if funded, we could put our classroom building out to bid as early as April when the designs are done. We are hoping for a more favorable bid environment in the spring than we might find in the summer.

Now that updated revenue expectations have been made available, all the prioritized appropriations will make their way through the budget process overseen by the Executive Appropriations Committee. I will continue to watch how SUU's various requests make their way through this process. Additionally, there are nearly 50 higher education-related bills still to watch through their movements between committees, the House, and the Senate.

And a bonus last week was getting to see my youngest nephew as he and his classmates visited the Capitol to celebrate Utah women being the first in the nation to vote.

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