What is Expertise Marketing?

What is Expertise Marketing?

April 20, 20202 min read

Expertise marketing is a new category of digital communications that boosts the exposure of subject matter experts within organizations to drive a variety of business results.

“Experts remain the most credible sources of information. 68% of people voted a company technical expert to be the most trusted, followed by an academic expert at 66%.”
— 2020 Edelman Trust Barometer

What are the forces driving expertise marketing?

Now more than ever, consumers are searching for trustworthy information. Google's algorithms and journalists around the world are now prioritizing qualified experts versus typical sources.

Driving expertise marketing are:

●      Consumers and customers seeking trusted information

●      Big Media combating Fake News

●      Businesses searching for digital communications solutions that deliver results

Expertise marketing aligns these forces through the strategic implementation of the SaaS solution ExpertFile, individual experts and your organizations collective expertise to the web in a whole new way.

The beauty of expertise marketing is its simplicity and cost-effectiveness

Expertise marketing programs do not require:

●      Social media engagement

●      Media media buying

●      Ongoing content development

●      New agency relationships

Expertise marketing is quickly revolutionizing thought leadership, media relations, and organic lead generation. Your experts are your company’s hidden gems – when given the tools and platform to share their knowledge, they will deliver tremendous value to your organization.

About Experts.Inc

Experts.Inc is focused on radically growing the profile of subject matter experts at Fortune-100 companies. We deliver leads, global media and boosted search rankings - all without investments in media or social content.  Experts.Inc is the first Official Partner Reseller of the ExpertFile software platform.

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