What are strategies for marketing experts?

What are strategies for marketing experts? What are strategies for marketing experts?

April 29, 20202 min read

Expertise Marketing is an advanced and versatile form of content marketing, with strategies that are adaptable to many different contexts.

Your organization’s experts have the potential to dramatically expand your digital footprint using your existing approved content, growing your brand’s profile, and gaining access to valuable leads and media inquiries.

Who are your Experts?

Use the Expertise Marketing Matrix to map your portfolio of experts and the marketing opportunities.

Amplify - Supercharge the exposure of your leading experts by amplifying their existing profiles and content into the AP, Google, Dejero and other major indexes via ExpertFile.com

Drive Exposure - Your experts are your undiscovered gems.  Turn 20, 200 or 2,000+ of your employee experts into brand builders at scale. Have their natural expertise draw interest, without the need for social media engagement or content.

Content Performance - These experts face tough competition for attention and often comprise local experts, advisors or salesforces. For this group, Expertise Marketing manifests as a very deep SEO best practice that can be deployed at scale and integrated with an owned website to drive attention and leads.

Ignore or Discover - This segment may be home to hidden talent; try to find and nurture it when possible. Otherwise, ignore this segment as the expertise marketing opportunity is elsewhere.

About Experts.Inc

Experts.Inc is focused on radically growing the profile of subject matter experts at Fortune-100 companies. We deliver leads, global media and boosted search rankings - all without investments in media or social content. Experts.Inc is the first Official Partner Reseller of the ExpertFile software platform.

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