How do I launch ExpertFile in my business?

How do I launch ExpertFile in my business? How do I launch ExpertFile in my business?

August 13, 20201 min read

ExpertFile is the software solution that enables expertise marketing. 


Software creates new opportunities - Blogger kicked off the social media revolution and Salesforce transformed CRM.  ExpertFile is a content management platform focused on expertise.


Unlike Blogger and CRM, ExpertFile requires no social activity or media buys to work. Because of this, it’s possible to onboard ExpertFile and begin generating results within 8 weeks of project kickoff.  


"Onboarding takes place over a series of three workshops, and all work delivered by the Experts.Inc team. This full-service approach is how we make our customers’ lives easy, and get them online within 8-weeks."
Eli Singer, CEO Experts.Inc

Experts.Inc offers a turnkey ExpertFile onboarding service, which includes drafting all expert profiles to the AP standard, and working cross-functionally with a client to ensure alignment and mutual wins.

About Experts.Inc

Experts.Inc is focused on radically growing the profile of subject matter experts at Fortune-100 companies. We deliver leads, global media and boosted search rankings - all without investments in media or social content. Experts.Inc is the first Official Partner Reseller of the ExpertFile software platform.

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    Serial entrepreneur and recognized digital communications thought leader

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