The curious impact of COVID-19 on consumer behavior

The curious impact of COVID-19 on consumer behavior The curious impact of COVID-19 on consumer behavior

March 17, 20201 min read

In light of national and international concern over COVID-19, retailers are struggling to keep disinfecting supplies in stock, and prices are soaring online for in-demand goods like masks, hand sanitizer, isopropyl alcohol, cleaning wipes and even toilet paper.

The concept of being prepared is sound and recommended by authorities for any emergency circumstance, but during COVID-19, it’s becoming next level with some parts of the population, to the point of problematic.

  • So, why are people hoarding?
  • Are consumers informed on the essentials they require?
  • Are producers and retailers encouraging mass-buying?
  • Should grocers and retailers limit or even regulate the amount of purchases?
  • How would the American consumer respond to further restrictions?

UC San Diego’s expert in marketing and consumer behavior, Professor On Amir is available to chat with media on story topics such as: changes in shopping behavior based on circumstances like the coronavirus; why consumers turn to digital options (e-commerce) as a means to avoid physical shopping environments; and how will reducing contact effect consumers.

Professor Amir is available for interviews – simply click on his icon to arrange an interview today.

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    On Amir's research focuses on using psychological and economic principles to identify successful strategies in different market settings.

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