COVID-19 disrupting supply chains across the globe

COVID-19 disrupting supply chains across the globe

March 13, 20201 min read

The spread of COVID-19 has disrupted supply chains across the world.

Mohan Tatikonda, Indiana University Kelley School of Business professor of operations management, says if a company hasn’t felt the impact yet, it will.

Tatikonda says supply chains are resilient — but only for so long. He also explains the pandemic will not only cause supply side issues, but also demand issues. For example, if people are working from home, they will consume fewer products and services in certain categories – like gasoline. This means less revenue, and in some cases, less work for workers and less income.

Tatikonda is available to speak to reporters about what happens when there are supply chain disruptions -- If you would like to speak with him, please contact Teresa Mackin at or 317-274-2233.

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