Replacing in-person events in the wake of COVID-19

Replacing in-person events in the wake of COVID-19

March 23, 20202 min read

As the world deals with the COVID-19 outbreak and normal activities are curtailed with social distancing and self-isolation, businesses and marketers are having to adapt quickly. Last week, IDC Canada hosted a webinar around "Digital Transformation and the Evolving Tech Buyer's Journey: What Canadian Marketers Need to Know". 

The question that was top of mind - "In the wake of Covid-19, what are some of the alternative ways of generating leads when live events are not possible?"

Our experts suggested four key points during the webinar:

1.   Explore virtual platforms  The experience can’t fully replace in-person events but virtual platforms can help you engage with your prospects and customers.

2.   Alternatives to in-person events  Webcasts and audio podcasts designed to educate buyers and bring in customer and 3rd party perspective help you stay top of mind.

3.   Interactive content – Buyers are demanding interactive and visually appealing content. Interactive tools and microsites that have been wrapped with analytics provide marketers with the performance insights needed to optimize impact.

4.   Cut through the noise Targeted industry or role specific messages will have more impact in uncertain times.

Watch now the webcast on-demand

If you are interested in learning more about these techniques - then let us help.

Julie Tiley is the Vice President, Custom Solutions for IDC Canada. She is an expert in the areas of developing and delivering programs designed around on specific business goals, especially in a rapidly changing environment like the one we are facing today.

Julie is  available to speak with media or anyone interested in knowing more. Simply click on either expert’s icon to arrange an interview or email

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