Covering COVID-19? USC School of Pharmacy has a team of experts ready to help with every story angle you have

Mar 18, 2020

2 min

The global pandemic of COVID-19 is no longer just daily news, it is pretty much the only news happening right now across America and most of the globe.

Reporters and journalists are working hard to cover this story that is changing and progressing almost exponentially by the day.

There are multiple angles to consider, and each storyline is just as important as the other when it comes to informing the public and ensuring that the correct and proper facts are relayed to an audience that is concerned, curious and waiting for answers.

If you are a journalist covering COVID-19 – then let our team of experts help.

Our experts can assist with and answer your questions about transmission, vulnerable populations and age groups, prevention and how the medical system is handling this outbreak.

  • Emi Minejima is an Assistant Professor of Clinical Pharmacy at USC School of Pharmacy and an expert in infectious diseases pharmacotherapy and antimicrobial stewardship. She is an infectious diseases specialist at LAC+USC Medical Center.

  • Irving Steinberg is the Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs & Associate Professor of Clinical Pharmacy and Pediatrics at USC School of Pharmacy and Keck School of Medicine. He is a pediatric pharmacist at LAC+USC Medical Center and an expert in the areas of predictive performance of pharmacokinetic models for dosing in children.

  • Annie Wong-Beringer is the Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education & Professor of Clinical Pharmacy at USC School of Pharmacy and an expert in bacterial resistance and virulence, host microbial interactions and host immune response.

All three experts are available and ready to speak with reporters – simply click on an individual's icon to make contact and arrange an interview.