Beware of Cyber scams/fraud related to COVID-19

Beware of Cyber scams/fraud related to COVID-19

April 2, 20201 min read

The FBI reports scammers are leveraging the COVID-19 pandemic to steal money and personal information, or both in some cases. The general public can protect itself and should do research before clicking on links purporting to provide information on the virus, donating to a charity online or through social media, contributing to a crowdfunding campaign, purchasing products online or giving up your personal information to receive money or other benefits. Schemes include:

·     Fake CDC emails used for phishing

·     Fake government program used for phishing attempts

·     Fake GoFundMe type phishing

·     Counterfeit, phony Covid-19 treatments, products, masks

The misinformation and scams leveraging fake information has led FEMA to create a Coronavirus Rumor page at: to dispel erroneous /fake rumors.

Ralph Russo, an expert and director of information technology programs in Tulane University's School of Professional Advancement, is available to speak about cybersecurity attacks and can offer steps to minimize the possibility of being hacked. For interviews, contact or Roger Dunaway at 504-542-2906. 

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  • Ralph Russo
    Ralph Russo Program Director, Professor of Practice, Applied Computing

    Ralph Russo is an expert on technology in the homeland security and public safety domains.

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