How Should Remote Workers Cope with Isolation?

How Should Remote Workers Cope with Isolation?

April 7, 20201 min read

With unprecedented numbers of workers quarantined and working from home, a chief complaint being voiced by many is how to deal with its isolating effects. What can be done to minimize the feelings of isolation and to maintain work relationships during this crisis?

Timothy Golden, a professor in the Lally School of Management at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, is a leading expert on remote work, telework, telecommuting, and virtual teams. With dozens of published research articles during more than 20 years of research in this field, his most recent article on telecommuting was just published in the "Journal of Vocational Behavior."

“People working from home should be proactive if they want to avoid feeling isolated, so that they not only feel better but also maintain their work productivity. We know from research and experience that there are important activities that can be done to help solve remote work’s potential for isolation.”

Golden is available to discuss what steps workers can take to help avoid remote work’s isolating effects. 

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  • Timothy D. Golden
    Timothy D. Golden Professor, Lally School of Management; Area Head of Enterprise Management and Organization

    Leading researcher on remote work, telecommuting, telework, and the relationship between technology and managerial behaviors.

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