Maintaining intimacy in your relationship while in COVID quarantine

Maintaining intimacy in your relationship while in COVID quarantine

June 30, 20202 min read

Whether you’re social distancing, in quarantine, or in lock down like I am here in Barcelona, I have been thinking about how we can all keep up our intimate relationships with ourselves and our partners during this time

It’s important for us to  try to find joy and satisfaction in our daily routines (indoors). So I have put together an intimacy guide to help us all get through this period – whether you’re single, a couple living together or part of a couple living apart there should be something to help you.

For the couples living together 

I can assure you that Netflix & Chill will get boring pretty quickly, so work your way through this list and keep the intimacy spark alive while you’re both stuck indoors. 

1. Take a shower together and have some good, clean fun in the bathroom. 

2. Cuddle through it. We’re all for social distancing but if you live with your partner, now is not the time to stop cuddling.

3. Sleep in different beds. Sometimes its good to have time apart and a good night’s sleep in separate beds. It can make it even more special when you do actually share a bed together.

4. Give each other massages with some natural oils. 

5. Watch some adult movies together and maybe act out some of the moves after.


For couples living apart 

I know it must be tough if you’re living apart and you can’t see each other due to quarantine, but thanks to technology there are lots of ways you can remain intimate with your partner, no matter the distance. 

1. Send nudes! Need I say more? And while you’re at it you can send some intimate texts telling your partner exactly what you’d like to be doing if you were together. 

2Video call and enjoy being in each other’s company. 

4. Write a list of all the intimate things you want to try together after quarantine. 

5. Do the test to find out your love languages and learn about each other’s.

6. Ask each other the infamous 36 questions that lead to love.

7. Send each other love letters (via email if you can’t post!)


For single (or self-partnered) people 

Now is the perfect time to fall even more in love with yourself… 

1. Please, repeat after me: Don’t text your ex! Now is not the time to overthink your beak-ups and send a message to your ex.

2. Explore your body and re-discover your pleasures. Touch new parts of your body and find new erogenous zones. 

3. Write a bucket list of all of the things you want to try alone.

4. Have a date night with yourself. Cook yourself a nice meal, listen to music, drink wine, massage your feet and write a list of all of the things that you love about yourself! 

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