Endless Opportunities for Graduates With a Degree in History

Endless Opportunities for Graduates With a Degree in History

July 1, 20202 min read

Students who study history learn to be proficient in research, fact finding, processing content, interpreting data, effective writing, public communication, and critical thinking. These skills pertinent to a history degree translate into many different career paths.

“One of the key skills of any historian is to make sense of the past—to connect the dots between historical events and between the past and the present,” said Dr. Laura Davis, assistant professor of history. “We often utilize the past to make sense of the present, which is an invaluable skill in many careers.”

Studying history opens up many pathways for students according to their strengths and interests. There are opportunities in fields such as education, journalism, research and archival services, business and management, and law and public administration. 

“To study history is to know the ending before you begin,” said Professor Ryan Paul, lecturer of history. “It is vital that we not place our own knowledge into the heads of those who came before. We would do well to remember that the past was someone’s present, and hopefully those that come after us will afford us the same courtesy.”

The Department of History, Sociology and Anthropology at Southern Utah University is an intriguing blend of the past and the present. Faculty help to equip students with critical thinking and communication skills which enable them to investigate past and present human cultures and societies, identify key events that express change over time, and explain historical continuity and change. Students learn skills that allow them to communicate their findings logically, analytically, and effectively.

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  • Ryan Paul
    Ryan Paul Assistant Professor of History and Director of A.P.E.X.

    Specializing in U.S. history, cultural history, and the beginnings of Utah's National Parks.

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