Free College Credit Certificate in Teaching Skills & Practices

Free College Credit Certificate in Teaching Skills & Practices

September 1, 20202 min read

Southern Utah University’s Teacher Education program is thrilled to announce a one-time, free college credit certificate in Enriched Teaching Skills & Practices for the Professional Instructor. This certificate will amount to nine credits and count for three of the four elective courses required for a master’s degree in education at SUU.

"These courses are uniquely designed as invitations into our master's degree in education here at Southern Utah University,” said Dr. Tony Pellegrini. “Through these gateway courses, you will be invited to consider pursuing your master's degree and put into practice, practitioner-based research approaches to help you address the challenges and opportunities that you will face in your current and future positions. These practitioner-based approaches will provide you with the skills you need to address your learner's issues and provide leadership to your organization in addressing improved academic achievement for those for who you are the steward."

This certificate is available for current teachers, aides, substitutes, and parents seeking professional development in technology, classroom management, and law. The certificate program also provides the necessary credits for a master’s degree in education from SUU, which will help in-service teachers receive an increase in pay.

"This is a wonderful opportunity for SUU's College of Education to support Utah's school districts and the learners whom they serve with these professional development opportunities,” said Dr. Pellegrini. “These are designed to meet the needs of Utah's K12 communities in this unique COVID-19 time period. We encourage Utah's K12 teachers and support staff to take advantage of these courses to improve their learner's academic achievement."

The Learn & Work In Utah initiative was launched by the Utah Governor's Office of Economic Development and its Talent Ready Utah team, in partnership with the Utah System of Higher Education. SUU is offering a total of seven one-time, free courses through this program. The funding for these programs is made possible by the federal CARES Act funds for short-term training. Each course is offered at no cost to legal residents of Utah who are unemployed or underemployed due to COVID-19.

The Enriched Teaching Skills & Practices for the Professional Instructor course is limited to 40 students, and the last day to sign up is September 18, 2020. For more information or to sign up, visit SUU's website:

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