Specialize with a Mechanical Engineering Degree

Specialize with a Mechanical Engineering Degree

November 17, 20201 min read

The Mechanical Engineering Program at Southern Utah University has received its ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology) accreditation signifying the quality education offered by the program and opening numerous employment opportunities for graduates of the program.

Utah requires ABET accreditation to become a licensed professional engineer and employers rarely hire students unless they graduated from an accredited engineering program. Having a Mechanical Engineering program that is ABET-accredited allows students to further specialize their education and prepare them for a highly-favorable job market.

When considering a career in engineering, Southern Utah University's Dr. Scott Munro recommends mechanical engineering to students who not only have an interest in science and math but applying both in the real world.

“Mechanical engineering is nice because it's a very broad subject so it applies in a lot of different places,” said Dr. Munro. “You can work in the auto industry, the aerospace industry, you could work on buildings, machinery, or manufacturing. There are so many places you can go, it’s just a great start.”

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  • Scott Munro
    Scott Munro Department Chair, Professor of Engineering

    Specializing in aerocoustics flow sound interaction and induced vibrations, propagation, and aerospace technologies

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