MEDIA RELEASE: Winter weather looming: CAA reminds motorists to plan ahead and slow down

MEDIA RELEASE: Winter weather looming: CAA reminds motorists to plan ahead and slow down

November 30, 20202 min read

Over the next few days, forecasters are predicting that parts of Southern Ontario will see significant snowfall. As the winter-like weather approaches, CAA South Central Ontario (CAA SCO) is advising motorists to plan and prepare ahead of the forecasted snow in your area.

“Driving in unpredictable weather conditions is daunting and frustrating enough as is,” says Tony Tsai, vice president of corporate communications and services for CAA SCO. “Preparing yourself and your vehicle ahead of time can save you from fewer surprises during the winter months.”

Drivers can prepare their vehicles by checking their tire pressure, removing ice from wiper blades, and ensuring that their gas tanks are always above half-full to keep their car running in case of an emergency. Vehicles should also be prepared with an emergency car kit stocked with items such as an ice scraper, snow brush, shovel, flashlight, phone charger, granola bars and water.

Before heading out, drivers should check the weather, plan their routes accordingly and anticipate enough time to get to around without having to rush.

“The number one thing you can do to keep everyone safe is slow down and drive according to the road and weather conditions,” says Tsai. “By staying focused on the road and taking it slow, you can maintain control of your vehicle and get to your destination safely.”

Motorists can also stay safe while driving by staying on main roads, keeping a safe distance from snowplows and other vehicles and avoiding the use of cruise control to maintain as much control of your vehicle as possible. In addition, to slow down and move over for emergency vehicles, including tow trucks and service vehicles.

CAA SCO recommends motorists stay off the roads during a snowstorm. But if you must travel, it is also important to prepare for the unexpected.

If your car breaks down and you are left stranded on a highway, uncertain about your safety and think your vehicle might be struck from behind, call 911 for assistance.

If involved in a collision and nobody is seriously injured, motorists should move their vehicle off the road and exchange information before making their way to the nearest Collision Reporting Centre (CRC).

Other collision tips:

• Call the claims department of your insurance company as soon as possible.

• Record the other driver’s licence plate, the name of their insurance company and the policy number before leaving the scene.

• Take photos of insurance documents, the driver’s licence and the ownership information from the vehicle as well as a photo of the driver.

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